Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Chance!

I had the pleasure of photographing Chance today. He was such a sweet little bundle of joy. You can tell how loved he is just by walking into his home. He has a puppy Bella who seems to be sharing the attention very well! Chance decided to stay awake a long time even though he was very sleepy today! I think he wanted to spend some quality awake time with his grandma. Once we finally got him to sleep we had to work quickly so we could get some priceless images before we woke him. Here are a couple to share. We leave for vacation bright and early and I wanted to give his mommy some to look at while she waits for me to finish their gallery! Enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Grab some popcorn...

this is going to be a long post ;)! I feel absolutely terrible that I haven't blogged Ryleigh's first birthday yet, and it has been a month!! Leighton's birthday is Wednesday so don't expect a post on that until April! First was a "smash the cake" shoot for her birthday invitations!

The front:

The inside:

The back:

For her birthday we took her to Build A Bear Workshop (it's a family birthday tradition)! It was SO cute they way she kept hugging her bear! She didn't want anyone else to touch it. She looked so small in the big store. She even kissed the heart when she was supposed to! She tried to find an outfit for her bear, but the selection is very limited when you can only reach the bottom shelf ;).

Then it was time for her actual party! So many friends and family came to celebrate her special day with us. My aunt made her invitation cake and her party cake and they were both beautiful! Ryleigh made such a mess with her cake she had to go straight into the bathtub when she was finished. Mady and Leighton helped decorate everything in hearts since she's a Valentine's Day baby! My friend Jenny is a talented photographer brought along her camera and captured some precious moments while I was too busy!!

And then a few failed attempts at her "official" one year portrait!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another one!

Yep, you guessed it! It's another three month old baby boy I photographed this week! Little Mr. "B" was such a cutie and was full of funny little expressions! He has a nursery decked out in Minnesota Gophers (my husband would be jealous!) and a sweet little dog as his protector. He wanted to go to sleep the entire time, but we still managed to get some fantastic images of him! Here are a couple of my favorites so far:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby boom

Yep, there's a baby boom around here. Especially 3 month boys! I have done several 3 month boy sessions in the past few weeks! Babies seem to come in waves, and a lot of time they are even the same gender. This winter has been no exception! Here is little Mr. "T". He came into the studio for a three month session this past weekend. He was so sweet! His favorite thing to do was to lay flat on the floor and have daddy kick his legs. "T" gave us a run for our money, that's for sure! Here are just a couple!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's growing up!

This weekend I photographed Mason's 9 month portraits in my studio. I cannot believe how fast he has gone from a newborn to nearly one! Soon we will be doing a birthday "smash the cake" session!! Those are my favorite sessions ever! His mom has recently taken up cake decorating so I am sure the cake is going to be adorable. Here is a trip down memory lane, complete with some from this weekend!

3 Months:

6 Months:

9 Months: