Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you SO much to all of you have let me know you are still reading! And for the overwhelming response to my model search!! I have WAY more volunteers than spots, but I hope to fit you all in next year if I can't this fall. I made a huge list and am pairing up the ages/gender I need for my specific ideas and will be contacting you soon for sessions.

I know I haven't been able to keep up with the blog very well. I have been so busy and now that it is cooling down outside everyone has fall on their minds and sessions are filling quickly. I have an extremely limited number of sessions left between now and November, so if you were hoping to have a fall session please let me know!

And because I can't post without some portraits, here is the sweetest little girl! Her name is Evelyn and she will be two weeks old tomorrow. She has the most incredible head of soft hair, the poutiest lips, and cheeks so chubby you want to kiss them all day long :). I had so much fun spending time with her and listening to all of her precious noises as she put herself to sleep!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Does anyone still read this?!

Ok, I know I've neglected my poor blog lately! Does anyone even still read this thing! I have been so busy and the summer is slipping away. If you are looking for a fall session, NOW is the time to book! There are a limited number of spots left.

Also, I am in need of a few models! I have a few ideas that I would really like to try out and put to good use! I need a variety of ages of boys and girls. All models will get a free session and a few other goodies for participating! Previous clients get first dibs, but new clients are encouraged to contact me as well! Please email me at if you are interested!

Here are a few from recent sessions so I'm not posting without portraits!