Thursday, May 6, 2010

{Minneapolis/St Paul Children's Photographer}

(We are still working on updating the blog, so please bear with us as it goes through some changes!)

Little Miss Isla had her one year session! I have seen her four times since she was born and she always makes me smile :). She reminds me a lot of my Mady when she was a baby! Isla turning one is so bittersweet for me! I won't get to see her quite as often anymore, but it has been such an honor and blessing to see her grow this past year. We even got to take some outdoor portraits next to the blooming trees even though it had rained the entire night before and the entire day after her session. Here are a few of the beautiful Isla:


derrickjamie said...

I love your work!!!! The Wicker Pram that you use.... is that a doll size one? I've been looking for one. I'm not sure if I should get a full size or doll size. Plus I've only seen one... and it was really expensive. What do you think is a good price for one? Thanks!!!!!

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

Thank you :). It is a baby sized one, not the full size. I don't have room to store a full size one, and this size works great to put little ones (newborns up to a year) inside and is great for toddlers to push. It was pretty expensive, but worth every penny!