Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Seniors!

In an effort to catch up on my blogging, I thought I would post a few of the seniors I have photographed in the last few weeks! There are a bunch more, so this is the first of many senior posts!

Miss S:

Mr. D:

Miss A:

Miss K:


Jess said...

WOW, you get all the gorgeous seniors! These are absolutely FANTASTIC. I love your variety in locations & poses and your color and processing ROCKS!

pat said...

What a great bunch of seniors! You have some wonderful poses in these shots. Those girls are gorgeous!

Joanne said...

Wow you have some great models and some awesome shots!

Michelle said...

what a gorgeous bunch of seniors you have there! and so creative with your posing. I really like the way you lit them too...share your secrets? great job!

Bobbi said...

What great senior pictures! Love that red hair. You have such beautiful work.

Barb Ray said...

Great senior shooting! How could they not be pleased with the results??!!! I wanna be like you when I "grow up." (not meant in the age sense since I'm already WAY older than you...meant in the photographic sense...I'm a peewee compared to you there!!!) :o)