Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here are Renee and Matt! They are engaged to be married next September and we took their engagement pictures last month. We had a lot of fun and they put up with all of my crazy ideas in the middle of a crowded park! They are going to be a fantastic couple to work with on their wedding day!

And to answer a few of the questions about my last post, yes, I used one studio light. I have 3, but only used one for that shoot. And I can't share the whole group of my crazy kids until after our holiday cards go out, but will share them sometime! And the "background" is actually my old shower curtain ;) ! Any other questions, just ask!


Becky said...

Very pretty! Doesn't look like you made them do anything too weird. :-)

Lori said...

What an adorable couple!!!

Mandy said...

They are so amazing. Wow...I love the interesting shots you too with them too. The last one is my absolute fave!

pat said...

Kristen, these are FABULOUS!!! Wow--I love them...great job!

Bobbi said...

They are such a beautiful couple, Ilove the shot of their hands.

And I am sorry to be a pest but what light do you have :) I am debating between bees or a speedlight.