Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Minneapolis/St Paul Family Photographer}

I have been blessed with some amazing families to photograph! They have been patient (this session was rescheduled twice because of rain!), they come dressed perfectly (aren't their outfits adorable?!), and they radiate love for their child(ren) (you really can't help but smile when looking at these portraits)! I am posting a very big sneak peek from this session. This was from last night and it was HOT outside to say the least! I was not the one in charge of this session, three year old Miss A was :). She had me cracking up! But Miss A like most three year olds was busy with a capital B!! She had me running after her the entire time. The session only lasted about 30 minutes, which is pretty short! And I think mom and dad are worried we didn't get many good shots. So, this is to show all of you who leave a session wondering if we got anything good, don't worry!!! All of the crazy stories, farting noises, games I play, it's all so we can get images like these even when they seem impossible :). Here is a big sneak peek to ease mom and dad's minds and to thank them for being so patient while we had to reschedule this session not once but twice, enjoy!